Italian drawing

The BNE custody over 1900 drawings italians from the fifteenth century until the mid-XX, while the most representative, both for their multiplicity and its relevance and quality artistic drawings are italians in the 16th and 18th centuries, among which are works by artists such as outstanding Zuccari, Il Parmigianino, Cambiaso, Bernini, Lucca Giordano or Tiepolo.

The richness of this collection, formed mainly in the last decades of nineteenth century by means of various procurement, allows us to make a journey through the history and evolution of the italian drawing virtually since its beginnings until today. We could even add that this trip is a greater understanding of the rest of the collection, as the comparative study of the drawings italian and spanish in the 16th century the BNE has relevance to what extent the italian drawing was somehow the germ that he wrapped himself the development of its own personality drawing english.

Until the beginning of the 15th century, served in italy and learning tool in the workshop of the artist or as the preparatory work for a work, but soon would acquire an autonomous consideration.