Advance request for documents

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It can be booked with a maximum of 10 volumes by user for a specific date. The prolongation of consultation a maximum of  fifteen days from the date that the user has designated as a consultation.

The petitions can request a day to another subject to the previous day until 18:00 h. from monday to friday.

Online advance request for resources is a convenient and quick procedure that allows users to reserve documents they need to consult via the internet, before coming to the Library. They are able to select the date on which they wish to consult the documents, thereby avoiding waiting times as the documents will be ready to be consulted upon arrival at the BNE.

This service allows for up to 10 volumes per user to be reserved for a specific date. The requested volumes will be available to the user for a maximum of 15 calendar days from the consultation day, as designated by the user

Next day requests for resources are possible, provided that the request is made by 18:00 Monday to Friday. The room will confirm the viability of consulting the documents. There is also the possibility of indicating if the user wishes to consult resources from the Alcalá de Henares library in the Comments field.

Practically all BNE resources listed in the online catalogue may be requested through this system. Documents that may not be requested in advance are copies whose catalogue bibliographic records, under the section Type of material, state Reference work or Loanable copy or SDB lookup, as these copies are freely available in the Room that appears in the Location.

If the requested catalogue number is not available, once the request has been received by the resource depository room another catalogue number from the same work will be offered, where possible.

In the Goya Room the following types of documents cannot be requested in advance: drawings, engravings, photographs, ephemera, maps and plans. These items must be requested directly in the Room.

In the Larra Newspaper and Magazine room, microfilmed or digitized works are excluded from advance request. These works will be served by direct request in the Room.

How to place an advance request for documents

A BNE card is needed to use this service.

The quickest and best way to access this service is through the library’s own online catalogue.

Once the relevant document has been located in the catalogue, click the link on the left hand side of the screen “Advance request for documents”. This link will open a form, containing the details of the selected work with space for the remaining details to be completed as well as a Comments field for any additional information for the room. The system will generate a request receipt confirmation.

Once the request has been studied, the resource depository room will send an email to the interested party confirming that the request is being processed. This email will contain the catalogue numbers and dates on which the requested copies will be available.