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The service of reproduction of documents on request: web form.

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Information on the application procedure_

Processing and monitoring of invoiced requests:

Incidents in reprography self-service:
The application procedure and processing and monitoring of invoiced requests:
+ 34 91 580 77 57, + 34 91 580 78 91
+ 34 91 580 77 49
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Check public fees.

Only allows online payment by credit card or bank transfer.

The library provides a service of reproduction of funds with the objective of facilitating access to information.

How to get the reproductions is on request in the case of copies of the funds of the BNE (reproduction, using paper, photography and sound and video recordings) self, (up to a maximum of 20 per cent of a book after 1958 or of a comprehensive article on a periodic publication after 1958, provided that the state of conservation permits and form part of the BNE) and self-copy (photographs with mobile devices of Library collections with prior authorization from the room staff)

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    General information
    Public prices of document reproduction
    Self-service reproduction prices

    These prices do not include VAT (21% for reproductions).

    General information
    Payment methods of reprographics

    • Payment online with credit or debit card.

    • bank transfer