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Information on the application procedure info.repro@bne.es:
Processing and monitoring of invoiced oficina.reprografia@bne.es requests:
The application procedure and processing and monitoring of invoiced requests:
+ 34 91 580 77 57, + 34 91 580 78 91
+ 34 91 580 77 49
Additional information

Checkpublic fees.

Only allows online payment by credit card or bank transfer.

Copies of the holdings of the BNE in digital reproduction, paper medium, photography, and audio and video recordings.

The steps are the following

  • Request the reproduction using the online form.

You can make up to 10 requests (call numbers) at once. The requester will receive an email with the request details in PDF, as well as an identifier to keep for future reference.

  • The Library will send the quote

The maximum time for submitting the quote is 10 working days upon receipt of the request.
The request form must be filled in with as many details as possible and the times stated in the BNE’s Services Charter for this service will not start until the BNE is in possession of sufficient information to correctly identify the requester and the work–or a specific part of that work–which has been requested for copy/public use.
Once the amount has been paid, the requester will receive a payment confirmation email and the document reproduction will start.

  • The library will deliver the copies within 20 working days of payment confirmation using the method chosen among those available on the form (in-person delivery, certified post or digital download). Whenever possible, we will encourage digital downloads as the delivery method.

Once the reproduction is done, the requester will receive an email with the delivery information according to the chosen delivery method.

Types of reproductions on request

  • Copies of digital files (JPG or PDF, around 150 dpi)
  • Copy of high resolution digital files (TIFF/RGB, resolution 300 dpi)
  • sound recordings
  • Audiovisual recordings
  • Copies on standard A4 paper (80 gr.) from microfilm or digital media (black and white or color)
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General information
Public prices of document reproduction
Self-service reproduction prices

These prices do not include VAT (21% for reproductions).

General information
Payment methods of reprographics

• Payment online with credit or debit card.

• bank transfer