Self service


Copy to the public and the office of Reprographic remain closed until further notice.

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Additional information

Direct reproductions, up to a maximum of 20 per cent of a book after 1958 or of a comprehensive article on a periodic publication after 1958, provided that the state of conservation permits and form part of the BNE. For a greater number of copies or of a document prior to 1959, it would be necessary to obtain reproduction by means of order form our website.

Next steps

  • Creating an accountsince the computers for library.

The account is personal to each user, who manages and you can see information about the activity carried out at the same.

  • Load the account balance.

This requires identified in the payment (located in the area of Copy of the 2nd floor annex to the Room of reading and in the Room of the press and magazines of the 4th floor) and enter the desired amount.

  • Make reproductionsin multifunctional teams distributed in the area of Copy of the 2nd floor and in each of the consultation of the library.

Types of self-service

  • Direct photocopies in black and white (A4 and A3)
  • Direct photocopies color (A4 and A3)
  • Hard copies (black and white) from microfilme or digital (A4 and A3)
  • Hard copies (color) from digital (A4)
  • Colour digital capture maximum 20 per cent of the same work after 1958