Through this service allows readers to make your own pictures with their mobile devices of funds of the Library. The BNE seeks to lay the scope of its readership obtaining working copies that facilitate access to texts required for its research in a convenient and simple way.

The service can be used in the Room, Room of the press and magazines (area of consultation on paper), Room Cervantes, Goya Room, Room Barbieri and Room of the headquarters of alcalá de Henares. The photographs will be carried out in the round suited to this end located in the extraordinary chambers.

The authorization of the staff of the room can be photographed documentary collection and the pre-1880, in any event free, and that you are well conserved. Exceptions: materials with boxes or manipulation complex, drawings or any other issue whose circumstances or the state of conservation, in the opinion of the staff of the room, discourage their reproduction.

The use made of the images taken should adhere to existing legislation on copyright and intellectual property. The images may only be used for purposes of study and research, and in no case for commercial purposes.


It is not allowed
  • Photographing works already digitized and made accessible through the Digital Library hispanic and/or Digital Archive.
  • Photograph more than 50 pages of the same work.
  • Use of elements to support the construction and hold the links provided by the BNE.
  • Use of flash, tripod or additional objectives.
  • Use of scanners.
  • Recording of image and sound.
  • Fotografiar pantallas de ordenador o pantallas en las que se visualicen soportes audiovisuales.
  • Photographing funds located outside the space for this service.
  • Photographing funds belonging to other Rooms.
Before getting photographs
  • Check the date of the work is prior to 1880.
  • Draw with markers of archival paper available in the chambers the pages you want to photograph.
  • The staff of the room to authorize the request and show business and pages that you want to photograph.
  • Please fill in the form we provide the staff of the room.
  • Coming to the outer enabled to photograph, where you will find the support elements and requirements, or subject solicítelos the staff of the room.
To get some pictures
  • In the case of bound together inside, put them on the cushion. For works not bound together inside is not necessary to use a cushion.
  • If required the use, these will be placed on the edge of the pages, in the areas in blank, avoiding text areas.
  • Manipulate the work carefully to avoid possible deterioration. Do not push opening or press the play to get a better picture.
  • Firmly hold your device and check that the flash and sound are off.
  • Out of consideration for the rest of the users will not remain more than 10 minutes by the bureau of auto-copia.
Where the service
Goya room
Drawings, engravings, ephemera, posters, photographs, ancient and modern maps, etc.
María Moliner reading room
Monographs from the 16th century, encyclopedias, dictionaries, repertoires and directories.
Alcalá de Henares room
Located at the University of Alcalá de Henares retains funds of any type that are available on its reading room
Cervantes room
Ancient manuscripts and modern, incunabula, print, plays and Cervantes.
Larra Newspaper and Magazine room
Magazines, newsletters, press officers and online resources on recurrent publications.
Barbieri room
Music and musicology, audiovisual and multimedia documents and sound recordings.
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The library provides a service of reproduction of funds with the objective of facilitating access to information.

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